Miss Gail 

Singing dancing jumpin' wiggling fun!!    Family and Educational Resources

GAIL BURNETT is a session presenter/speaker at preschool conferences as well as in-house teacher training sessions.  Email [email protected] for booking information, resume, references and previous engagments.

ACTIVE MUSIC, ACTIVE BODIES, ACTIVE BRAINS.. how to incorporate great music and transitions into managing the classroom day!

Gail Burnett, Miss Gail Music

Any teacher, whether musical or not, can use music to successfully shape the classroom day! Gail Burnett is an educator and musician who has developed, with her team of Early Childhood researchers and professional musicians, a 2016 Parents’ Choice, 2015 Teacher Choice Award/Classroom, GRAMMY ballot resource. She will present research and her own life-experience in the classroom, along with many interactive songs that will encourage teachers to implement both her music and other music into the classroom day.

EVERYBODY’S MUSICAL! … Which is good news, since music learning enhances ALL learning!

Whether you consider yourself a ‘musician’ or not, you can be a musical teacher in the classroom. We’ll look at how children’s brains develop related to music and tools you can use to guide them in this ‘hands on’ training.